July 5th

Worship Resources for Sunday 5th July 2020

Service video

Psalm 145:8-14
Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67

119                 Come Let Us Praise
30                   Bring to the Lord
321                 The Kingdom of God
328                 And Can It Be

Call to Worship
Brothers and sisters, boys and girls —
come and worship!

Even if you’re tired and worn out —
come and worship!

Lay down the heavy things you are carrying —
And come and worship!

Listen to what Jesus wants to tell you —
See if you can discover how Jesus wants to use you —
For Jesus is humble and gentle,
and he will give us everything we need to follow him
So let us come and worship!

~ adapted from Christine Longhurst, re:Worship

In times of weakness and hour of need,
yours is the strength by which we carry on,
the shoulder we rest our head upon.
When our load is heavy and too much to bear,
yours are the arms stretched out to help us
the grace that we depend on.
In times of weakness and hour of need,
your voice is heard,
‘Come… find rest.’
This is grace divine,
the path we tread to wholeness
of body and spirit,
the path that leads to you,
and for which we offer our offering of praise.

~ written by John Birch, and posted on Faith and Worship.  http://www.faithandworship.com/

As you go from here, remember this:
The God we serve is merciful and compassionate,
endlessly patient and full of faithful love.
He is trustworthy in all that he says,
and faithful in all that he does.
So go out in confidence,
knowing that God goes with you.